Enduro Engineering Clutch Cylinder Guard for 13-400 Beta RR/Xtrainer

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The Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard is another piece of protection from EE, one


that’s specifically made to protect the case and slave cylinder on your dirt bike that’s equipped with


a hydraulic clutch. Made from durable and lightweight billet aluminum, this guard mounts over your


slave cylinder using bolts supplied with the guard.


The EE guard will not only protect the slave cylinder from impact/rocks during a tip over, it also


protects the slave cylinder and case from being damaged if your bike ever throws its chain. This


makes the Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard a great match for your Beta motorcycles


that see a lot of enduro and trail riding.


Protects slave cylinder and engine case


 Protects during tip overs and chain breakages


 Strong billet aluminum


 Offers great peace of mind


 Ideal for enduro and trail bikes






300 & 250RR 2T / Race Edition 2021-2013


Xtrainer300 2021-2015


300RX 2T 2021


480 & 390RR 4T Race Edition 2019-2015


430 & 390RR-S 4T 2019-2013


500 & 430RR-S 4T 2019-2015


430RR 4T Race Edition 2019-2015

MPN: 13-400