Starbrite Performacide Room Odor Eliminator Professional Grade 142010 Food Pets

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Performacide Room Odor Eliminator quickly neutralizes unpleasant odors in rooms with patented, deep-penetrating CIOvapor technology. This dual-purpose system can be used in Fast Release mode to eliminate strong odors immediately, or in Slow Release mode to control odors over longer periods of time. One 10g pouch will treat an area approximately 1,000 cu. ft. or 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 10 ft.

  • Chemically breaks down and eliminates residual odors caused by smoke, garbage, dampness and pets in enclosed spaces
  • Contains 1 - 10 g ClO2 generating pouch, with quick release activator sponge
  • Dual action as either a fast release or slow release application
  • Does not leave residue after treatment and no masking perfumes or scents