Audiopipe 6 Foot 12 Gauge PowerCon Male Connector to Power Cable X-1014-6P

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Manufactured in compliance with stringent industry standards, the Audiopipe powerCON cables are a lockable connector that provides superior performance, especially when in need of a robust solution and locking device. This combination guarantees a safe power connection.

Quickly and Easily Connect Your powerCON Equipment to a Standard Household Electrical Outlet.

Designed with ergonomics and longevity in mind, PowerCON is a highly robust electrical connector designed with a lock mechanism that's perfect for – safely and regularly - connecting/disconnecting equipment both indoors and outdoors. Each connector is manufactured in accordance with worldwide standards and strict quality assurance measures.

Made with a Heavy-Duty Electrical Cable and a High-Quality Standard Edison Plug

Built with thick 14 Gauge wiring, and heavy insulation, these durable cables withstand the test of time. New enhancements to the powerCON connector include strain relief and kink protection.

Each cable is terminated to your standard, 3-pole male plug, allowing for use with virtually any standard wall receptacle!