BEST CONNECTIONS 14-Gauge Automotive Primary Wire Bundle (25ft Each, Red & Black) | Ideal for Car Audio, Automotive, and Trailer | Durable Primary/Remote, Power/Ground Electrical Wiring

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BC-14-25 RB



Model Number: BC-14-25 RB

Color: Red, Black 

Material: High-Grade Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)

Gauge: 14

Number of Items: 2

  • HIGH-GRADE COPPER CLAD ALUMINUM (CCA) - Our primary wiring cable, specially designed for automotive applications and audio speaker wiring, is crafted using top-notch Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA). This carefully chosen material guarantees dependable and efficient power transmission for all your 12-volt electrical requirements. Our CCA cable offers exceptional power transfer performance while remaining cost-effective, providing you with an excellent balance between quality and affordability.
  • 25ft EACH OF RED AND BLACK - This product comprises two separate 25ft rolls of wire, with one roll in red color and the other in black. Each wire is a single conductor and can serve multiple purposes depending on your needs, including primary, remote, turn on, hook-up, or ground wire applications.
  • DURABLE PVC JACKET - Meticulously constructed with premium materials, our wire boasts a compact PVC jacket that enhances its strength and resilience. This protective jacket shields the wire from impacts and abrasion, while maintaining flexibility for effortless installation across various applications.
  • 14 GAUGE STRANDED CCA WIRE - With a stranded CCA design and an optimal 16-gauge thickness, our wire ensures superior conductivity and minimizes interference, enabling robust and reliable power transmission, even across long distances. This high-quality wire is suitable for diverse applications ranging from 6 volts to 80 volts, making it an exceptional choice for any electrical project you undertake.
  • VERSATILE WIRING SOLUTIONS - Our extensive range of wiring options caters to various applications like primary/remote, power/ground, trailer/automotive, speaker, and general electrical needs. Choose from 10 to 18 gauge with color options including black, red, blue, yellow, white, green, brown, orange, purple, pink, and gray. Available in 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, and 500ft lengths for the perfect fit for your project.
  • COMMITTED TO YOUR SATISFACTION - Our utmost priority is ensuring your satisfaction, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional post-sale support to assist you with any inconveniences you may experience.
  • PACKAGE DESIGN UPDATE FOR "AUTOMOTIVE PRIMARY WIRE" SERIES – We are in the process of updating the package design for our “Automotive Primary Wire” series. The new packages will be introduced once the current stock is depleted. The transition to the new packaging will vary for each product, resulting in both the current and new packages being available in the market during the transition period.