Enduro Engineering 2 Stroke Spark Arrestor End Cap 2020 KTM Husqvarna 125/150TPI

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Enduro Engineering has a "NEW" bolt-on Exhaust End Cap that will make your stock 2020 KTM and Husqvarna silencer a USFS Approved Spark Arrestor. The new silencer looks and works great, is very quiet and very light, so instead of replacing the whole silencer, we can offer you a more cost-effective option. The end cap was designed using the latest CAD design software. It was designed to offer maximum performance; no power loss from the stock end cap. The EE screen-type spark arrestor makes maintenance very easy, by simply removing 2 bolts the screen can be removed for replacement or servicing. The easy access to the screen is great for riders that use their bikes for Closed Course and Off-Road, no need to have two silencers.

MPN: 40-1120


KTM 2020 125/150 XCW TPI/EXC TPI
Husqvarna 2020 TE150i