Enduro Engineering Clutch Cylinder Guard for 2020-2024 Beta 350-500RR/RS 4-T Dirt Bikes

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The Enduro Engineering Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard is another piece of protection from EE, one that’s specifically made to protect the case and slave cylinder on your dirt bike that’s equipped with a hydraulic clutch. Made from durable and lightweight billet aluminum, this guard mounts over your slave cylinder using bolts supplied with the guard.



  • Brand new, Enduro Engineering Clutch Cylinder Guard.
  • Strong billet aluminum
  • Saves your slave cylinder and engine case if you throw a chain or fall on a rock.
  • Ideal for Enduro and trail bikes. Offers great peace of mind


If your bike is listed below, the product will suit

350RR 4-T (2023-2023)
350RR 4T (2024-2024)
350RR 4T Race Edition (2020-2024)
350RR-S 4T (2020-2023)
350RS 4T (2024-2024)
390RR 4T Race Edition (2020-2024)
390RR-S 4T (2020-2023)
390RS 4T (2024-2024)
430RR 4-T (2023-2023)
430RR 4T (2024-2024)
430RR 4T Race Edition (2020-2024)
430RR-S 4T (2020-2023)
430RS 4T (2024-2024)
480RR 4-T (2023-2023)
480RR 4T (2024-2024)
480RR 4T Race Edition (2020-2024)
500RR-S 4T (2020-2023)
500RS 4T (2024-2024)

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