Technomousse Front & Rear Anti-Puncture Mousse Foam Bibs Tube Combo for Enduro 80/100/21-140/90/18 M002/M004

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Anti-puncture system developed in collaboration with the best pilots of this discipline, it guarantees the best virtual pressure in order to obtain optimal grip in all types of terrains faced, from the most muddy to the most rocky. Thanks to the production techniques and the consistency of the materials, it ensures durability, exceptional performance and no risk of breakage.

Thanks to its high elasticity, it adapts to most of the tires available in the market. The enduro mousse reaches the highest levels of elasticity after only a few minutes of use, while at rest it resumes its initial hardness. At the end of use, it is advisable to leave the motorcycle at rest for a few minutes on a central trestle, to allow the mousse to resume the initial shape and hardness. The mousse is intended exclusively for off-road use, therefore it is not approved for public roads.



  • Insert Doesn't Crumble And It Has No Expiration Date
  • Punctures Have No Effect On Tire Pressure And You Can Readily Ride Across Razor Sharp Glass Without Losing Tire Pressure
  • Specifically Designed For Hard Enduro, Enduro, Cross Rally Riding
  • High Elasticity, It Adapts To Any Type Of Tire, Managing To 100% Fill The Casing
  • Mousse Tube Eliminates Flats. Instead Of Air Inflating The Tire, A Foam Insert Replaces The Air And Expands The Tire
  • Fits Front 80/100/21 & Rear 140/90/18 Tire
  • When the motorcycle is not being used, it should be placed on a stand with both wheels raised off the ground, otherwise TECHNOMOUSSE could develop flat spots due to long periods of lack of use.
  • Section Width: 80 mm (3.14 in)


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